Holding precious jewels

Verbano is the area located near Lake Maggiore from which it takes its name. Geographically, Verbano also includes part of Canton Ticino and part of the provinces of Novara and Varese in Lombardy.

Characterized by a microclimate that can be defined as Mediterranean sometimes, Verbano holds precious jewels: the botanical gardens of Lake Maggiore, the Borromean Islands, the hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso Ballaro, are just some of the places waiting for you to discover.

The lakeside towns and villages are communed with lakeside charm, from the international Locarno, which with its decades-long film festival carries the name of Lake Maggiore far beyond European borders, to the smaller, more intimate and romantic realities, far removed from the tourist flows but with so much to tell.


Verbania always surprises: famous for the botanical gardens of Villa Taranto, it reveals secrets and its glorious past to those who decide to discover it thanks to a guided tour.

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La Guida del Lago Maggiore