Angera Fortress

Compelling stories, dolls and the lake's only medieval garden kept in one of the best preserved castles in Lombardy.

The Fortress of Angera is one of the few castles that can still be visited, telling us how its construction protected the transit routes by Lake Maggiore. It was one of the centers of power on the Lake, and it is here that the historical episode that sanctioned the Visconti rise to the Lake and not only is celebrated: the victory of Ottone Visconti over the Torriani recounted in the fresco cycle of the Justice Room. A fascinating place, one of the best preserved medieval castles in Lombardy, in a panoramic position overlooking the southern part of Lake Maggiore.

Inside, it preserves not only the expertly renovated historic rooms, but also the doll and toy collection, one of the most comprehensive collections in Europe.

Also not to be missed is the reproduction of the medieval garden, made possible by a detailed study of historical documents, making it the only medieval-garden that can be visited at Lake Maggiore.

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