This is the largest area and most permeated with contrasts in the entire province.
Its slopes are about 200 meters above sea level, while the highest peaks, those of Monte Rosa, exceed 4600 meters.

The territory is mostly mountainous and characterized by valleys.
The most famous is the wide and flat Ossola Valley to which the seven valleys converge: Anzasca, Antrona, Bognanco, Divedro, Antigorio-Devero_Formazza, Isorno, and Vigezzo.
Here there are territories charged with history, traditions and characterized by cultural aspects shaped over the centuries by the People who have always transited here.

Ossola is a land of transit, of communication, of connection.
Its function as a crossroads is well documented in its most important center, Domodossola, which preserves in its streets the testimonies of the past, always playing a central role with respect to the territory for: communication, power, commerce, all aspects that I will delve into if you choose my guided tour.


Its international station connects nearby Switzerland with Milan.

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La Guida del Lago Maggiore