Simplon Route

One of the most beautiful panorama roads in the Alps.

In the heart of the Alps, a must-see experience is the Simplon scenic route: you can't miss it
Did you know it has been called one of the most beautiful panorama roads in the Alps?

A breathtaking route permeated with millennia of history. An enthralling journey through facts, events, characters and above all surrounded by a unique scenery.

Stockalper Mule Track, Napoleonic Road and Simplon Tunnel are just some of the topics we will cover during this exciting journey.

I will show you places that have terrified travelers of the past, one of the largest larch forests in Europe, enchanting villages, peaks over 3-4000 meters (13.000 ft).

We will travel comfortably by car or bus, and you will hear the adventures of those who have traveled this route, perhaps by less comfortable means than ours.

The guided tour on the Simplon route is one of the most popular excursions in my repertoire.

Call me, write me, let's get to know each other to build your perfect experience together.
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