Isola Madre

A journey into the botanical world in 8 acres of garden!

Isola Madre is home to the garden that has many times been called the Garden of Eden, one of the most interesting botanical parks in Italy and Europe.

Blessed with a microclimate unique to Lake Maggiore, it has allowed the introduction of exotic species that could not have survived here.
Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe are represented by essences, plants and flowers that grow luxuriantly here.
A journey into the botanical world in 8 hectares of garden!

Nestled in the garden we find Villa Borromeo, once the family's lakeside residence, since 1978 opened for museum purposes.
In stark contrast to the sumptuous Borromeo Palace on Isola Bella, the Villa Borromeo on Isola Madre welcomes visitors with its intimate discretion.
Among the various works on display, the puppet theater always enchants the visitors: it illustrates the Family's passion for the theater staged with an abundance of detail and many details.

Visiting Isola Madre means giving oneself relaxing moments away from the hustle and bustle surrounded by the peace that only nature can give.

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