Fishermen's Island

Alleys, nets, traditions and stories of Fishermen in one of the oldest villages on the lake.

Fishermen's Island is permeated with the traces tied to the past of which it is proud: narrow streets, houses leaning against each other, nets on display, and balconies designed for drying fish or letting nets dry.

Here are traces of one of Lake Maggiore's oldest crafts: that of the fisherman.
As a result of economic and historical factors that have happened over time, improved technology and materials, and schooling, there has been a slow abandonment of the trade passed down from father to son, from generation to generation. The few remaining fishermen proudly continue their profession that is in their DNA.

I recommend that you do not approach Fishermen's Island as most visitors do; it is not just the place for a lunch break, but rather a magical place with many stories to tell for those who want to discover with a guided tour.

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La Guida del Lago Maggiore