Cusio develops around Lake Orta on the two provinces Verbania and Novara.
It derives from Cusius, the lake's ancient name, and is quieter than the mundane Verbano.

An area with a strong artisan and industrial vocation, it has exported and exports made in Italy all over the world thanks to artisans such as Mastro Geppetto and large companies born in the Twentieth century for instance Alessi and Lagostina.
Excluding those destinations that already enchanted travelers of the past, like Orta San Giulio, Cusio rediscovered late its cultural and tourist side.
Today vivid examples of the cultural fervor are the museum dedicated to Gianni Rodari, the most translated Italian writer in the world, and the lesser-known realities related to local crafts, manufacturing and nature brought together in the Cusius Ecomuseum.

The largest town on the lake, Omegna, has experienced rapid demographic development since World War II related to the industrialization of the area. Although most of the companies are now decentralized or in some cases closed, it still remains the largest settlement and is experiencing a second youth thanks to investments involving the tourism sector.


The most famous in Cusio are Orta San Giulio, its island and its sacred mountain, a draw not only for tourists but often used as a film set for national or international productions. 

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