I create guided tours out of the box, working on designing every single aspect respecting your needs and preferences

I am the limited edition guide, I am Virginia's mom, and I am David's partner.

After years of wandering around Europe and Italy for work, I was drawn back to my home territory and realized it was time to stop and discover all the wonder that surrounded me.

I reopened books, delved into traditions, history, visited museum and unfamiliar places and sights, and completed the path to becoming a tour guide, earning the valuable certification license, back in 2013. 

My story

Today I am a guide of Lake Maggiore, passionate about her work, always looking for curiosities, details that can help those who listen to me to immerse themselves in my story, and showing the wonderful beauties of my beloved territory.

I am limited edition because my mission is to infuse to you the essence-the pure beauty-of this Lake and all that surrounds it, in every season of the year.

I am here to thrill you and to give you unforgettable moments only yours where you will be the protagonist.

How do I do all this? Through my empathy and personality, my experience and joyful personality, my knowledge and my way of not taking myself too seriously, which become an inimitable mix and make Isa La Guida a limited edition.

Ci sono tante guide turistiche? Si. Quante di queste sono Isa La Guida? Una. Io.

Cosa posso fare per te? Un itinerario progettato unicamente per te, per ricordare piacevolmente questa esperienza per molto tempo. 

Creare una visita guidata, fuori dagli schemi, lavorare alla creazione di ogni singolo aspetto rispettando le tue esigenze e le preferenze, questo è quello che faccio. 
Le mie competenze e conoscenze saranno a tua disposizione affinché tu debba solo goderti la tua giornata al Lago Maggiore che sarà indimenticabile. 

My unique experiences are suitable for families, friends, prearranged groups, a stopover on a trip, a corporate event or to enrich a special event with "something extra."

You will be my special guest! You will be greeted by my professionalism but also by my smile: a friendly family atmosphere to make you feel at home. 

I want to make you fall in love with "my lake" as I love it and you will discover that beyond Lake Maggiore there is much, much more.

I will show you the wonders that surround me with the eyes and heart of a traveler who loves her land and never tires of discovering it and letting it be discovered.

Call me, write me, let's get to know each other to build your perfect experience together.
La Guida del Lago Maggiore